Probe Needle Specifications – Formulas

Customers normally specify the dimensions of probe needles besides specifying the material. The specification formula is like the following:

WRNP 4 – 060 – 01 x 3" – M
Material Probe Diameter Taper Length Tip Shape Needle Length Taper Finish

WR-Rhenium Tungsten
W- Tungsten
BC-Beryllium Copper
(Silver-Plating Standard on BC)
P-Palladium Alloy

NP-Nickel Plating

1-20 Mils

30-300 Mils

01- Sharp
XR – Radius
XD – Flat (Diameter)

0.75-6 Inches


Most of the customers adopt the above formula. Some customers adopt their own specific formulas like the following:

4RW-060* X 3”

WIRE,4,RW,T60, 3”L

To place an order of one or more specifications of probe needles customers should provide specification formulas as shown above and demanding quantity of each specification. Besides the customer is also required to specify the taper type (isolinear or parabolic), provide one or more Back requirements to determine the taper thickness and shape. Special requirements will normally be satisfied if special instructions are provided. Customers can include their special part numbers in addition to the above specifications.