Probe Needle Specifications –Tip Shapes

The end of the taper is referred to as the tip. The tip of the taper may assume different shapes. There are three main tip shapes – sharp, radius and flat.

Sharp Tip

This is the most common type of tip shape in which the diameter at the very end of the tip is about or smaller than 0.1 mil. It is indicated as 01. E.g.  WNP6-160-01 X 2”. (Fig 3)

Radius Tip

This is the type of tip shape in which the tip end assumes a radius shape and is specified by a certain radius value. It is indicated by 04R etc. E.g. WRNP5-120-04R X 2.5”. 04R indicates that the tip end radius is 0.4 mil. (Fig 4)

Flat Tip

As the term implies, a desired tip diameter is reached at the end of the taper that is made to be flat. E.g. WRNP6-140-05DX 3”. 05D indicates that the tip end diameter is 0.5 mil. (Fig 5)