Quality Assurance

Acme Technology always attaches first importance to the quality of its products. To ensure the unparalleled high quality of its probe products Acme has been emphasizing the following points.

Quality Control Inspections

Precision and Consistency

The high precision of Acme’s probe products refers to every dimension of the probe specification. Following are some of Acme’s standard tolerances (special tolerances requested by the customer will be satisfied).

Dimension Tolerance
Needle Length +/- 5 Mil
Shank Diameter +/- 1.5%
Taper Length +/- 0.5 Mil
Back Size +/- 0.1 Mil
Radius Tip Size +/- 0.1 Mil
Plated Length +/- 5 Mil

The high consistency of Acme’s products refers to all aspects concerning the specification of probe needles. The customer can expect such consistency not only in one order but also in orders processed at different times by Acme Technology.


Acme Technology has developed a safe and convenient packaging system. Completed probes are directly placed in packing cards sealed by tapes and the packing cards are placed in boxes. The packing boxes hold the cards tightly. Probes in this kind of packaging will not be damaged during transportation.
They are also convenient for customers to use in their production operations.


Acme Technology’s etching and plating operators are highly selective from among applicants for employment. Each new operator must be trained systematically and strictly. Operators are required to place product quality in first priority in production.